About us


Hello and welcome to our blog!

We recently rented a 120 m2 (1292 ft2 ) newly built townhouse without attic, basement, or garage. It came with a garden consisting of grass, a stone path, a terrace, and a small shed. The house was empty (except for the kitchen), mainly white and had very little personality. On this page we share how we improved home and garden with you.

While 120 m2 is not that small, we had a few requirements on how we wanted to use the space. As we are both computer scientists who also spend time behind the screen outside of work, we wanted a dedicated office. We have some hobbies and interests that require various amounts of equipment, so we need easily accessible and structured storage space. We also want the bedroom to be as clutter-free as possible, so clothes need to be stored somewhere else - what a great chance for a walk-in closet. As we do not want to spend more time than necessary cleaning the house, it all has to be practical and efficient - while still looking nice, cozy and like a home.

In this blog we show you our storage solutions that integrate with available space and rooms. We describe smaller and bigger DIY projects that transform the space into a nice and easy to maintain home. In this process, we try to reuse things in new contexts and transform them into something unique. We transform our grass/stone garden into a veggie and herb garden with nice sitting spaces. We show you small tweaks and tricks to simplify daily live. You will also find an occasional gluten- and casein-free recipe in the mix, or just some tips and tricks to replace unwanted ingredients in a regular recipe.

As not all our projects need a lot of description and instruction, we post daily pictures of details in house and garden on our Instagram and Facebook page (@myprettyrental). If you have questions or need even more ideas, please contact us via email: info@myprettyrental.com

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