Decorative tree


Decorative trees are part of every Christmas village. The trees can be designed individually and thus fit with any type of house.

Time required: approx. 30 minutes for three trees

Materials: wooden discs, large pine cones or other open cones, craft wire, craft moss (dry), hot glue gun

[unpaid ads] The trees are made from cones, wooden discs, moss and wire. Of course, the trees can be decorated at the end - there are no limits, do whatever you like and what fits with the rest of you decorations (see tips). Depending on the desired color, different types of moss can be used, but the fibers should not be too short and crumbly. The moss should not be picked too much, otherwise it will easily fall out of the cone. Just carefully pull apart and loosen excessively large clumps. Materials

First, the peg is glued to the wooden disc. Hot glue was used for this. Since it takes a while for the glue to dry and harden, the tree was placed between three glasses to fix it (make sure that the tree looks straight from all sides). Glue the cones on the wooden disc

When the glue has hardened, the moss is stuffed into the spaces of the cone. Depending on the size of the cone, narrow tools such as screwdrivers or wooden skewers can be helpful to bring the moss into the smaller spaces. The cone should be filled with moss all around and in all spaces. Stuff moss into the spaces

In the third step, wire is wrapped around the peg. This looks nice and prevents the moss from falling out of the cone easily. If the wire should not be visible, it is best to use green wire. The beginning of the wire is bent into a U-shape and then wedged between two of the lower rows of the cone - then wrap the wire in the gaps once up to the top and back down around the tree. Clamp the end of the wire back into the lower tight rows. Wrap with wire

The trees look particularly beautiful when several of them stand together in different sizes. Finished trees


  • Instead of hot glue, e.g. Sugru can be used. If it is possible to flatten the cones at the bottom or the cones are very flat, normal craft glue or wood glue is sufficient to glue the parts together.
  • The little trees can be spruced up with snowflakes or stars made of confetti/miniature decoration. A short LED light wire can be used instead of normal craft wire.