Hidden IKEA Nordli metal connector bar


Hide the ugly metal connector bar of the IKEA NORDLI drawer combination with a simple trick - let them disappear with black foil.

Time required: approx. 15 minutes for four connector bars

Materials: self-adhesive black foil, scissors, alcohol, a clean rag

In order to create a little more storage space, we decided to purchase an IKEA NORDLI drawer combination. We liked the simple design and the many possible combinations of the series. After assembling the wide drawer combination, we noticed that the connecting bars, which are in the top of each module, are shimmering very gray from inside the drawer.

Grey Nordli connector bar

Grey Nordli connector bar - detail

Since we look from our bed and armchair directly into the drawer, a solution had to be found. Disassembling the bodies and painting the connectors was out of the question. We decided to cover the visible parts with self adhesive foil.

Schere und Folie

You don’t really need a lot of self adhesive foil. We took half the width of our standard roll and then enough that the foil went all around the connector bar with a bit of overlap. Before appling the foil, clean the connector with alcohol to remove any dirt or greasy residues. Put some alcohol on a clean rag and rub the connector with it. Then dispose the rag properly!

Peel off part of the film and stick it on the connector (as straight as possible). Then peel off the backing paper step by step and stick the film on the connector until you are all around. That’s it - you are done.

Nordli before and after

Black Nordli connector bar

Two tips (afterwards you are usually smarter than before):

  • It is much easier to put the foil onto the connector bars if they are not yet installed in the chest of drawers. Especially the connector that supports the upper cover plate is not so easy to wrap if it is already installed.
  • We used a glossy self-adhesive foil. This is possible and definitely much better than the gray metal. However, a matt self-adhesive foil is probably even better to avoid the remaining reflections.