Jigsaw puzzle lamp: a really easy and customizable way to cover your boring, not so stylish lampshades of LED lamps.

Time required: approx. 20 minutes

Materials: Jigsaw light puzzle, double sided tape

Our rental came move-in-ready, including LED lamps in most rooms. However, getting a move-in-ready house does not mean you get a nice move-in-ready house. Every room had the same boring LED plastic lamp mounted at the center of the room, which looks like this:

LED lamp

The advantage of the LED lamps is that the lampshade can be just screwed off. We wanted to cover it but not replace it with something else. Covering the holes in the ceiling would not have been that easy. So we started to look into ways to cover it and stumbled upon the jigsaw light puzzle.

Jigsaw light puzzle

The jigsaw light puzzle comes in different sizes for the individual parts so the lampshade size can be adjusted by either using more or less parts, or by buying a different size. We went for medium sized puzzle parts and tried several different shapes. There are examples in the instructions, more can be found online. In the end we went for a kind of flat shape with 15 parts, that just fits around the original plastic cover. From the remaining 15 parts we can even build a second lamp.

The most tricky part was to attach the jigsaw puzzle parts to the plastic cover. With good double sided tape and very carefully screwing the lampshade back to the socket, we finally have a nicer lamp in our living room. Make sure that your lampshade does not get too warm, the plastic might melt! Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions!


Two tips (afterwards you are usually smarter than before):

  • We first used Gecko tape to mount the jigsaw puzzle to the lampshade. That lasted for about 3 days, then the whole thing came loose. In the second attempt we used really strong double sided tape, that worked great (but might be a bit more hassle once we move out).
  • The jigsaw puzzle parts should not be under too much tension, otherwise they slip apart quite easily.